Vicenzaoro’s VO VINTAGE to reflect growing market segment


Vicenzaoro’s VO VINTAGE to reflect growing market segment

VO VINTAGE will expand the Boutique Show experience at VICENZAORO January, Marco Carniello, Group Brand Director Jewellery and Fashion, tells David Brough.

Q. Marco, what will the VO VINTAGE showcase look like and where will it be located in the January 2020 edition of VICENZAORO?

Marco Carniello: VO VINTAGE, the exclusive event on the Italian and international trade show scene, will bring together 30 exhibitors with a balanced mix of legendary creations and extremely rare examples of watch and jewellery history together with the most authoritative players in the industry at Italian and international level. VO VINTAGE will be staged in the foyer on the first floor of the Vicenza Expo Centre, in an exclusive and reserved setting within VICENZAORO January 2020.

Vicenzaoro’s VO VINTAGE to reflect growing market segment

Q. This is a new market segment for VICENZAORO. Why did you decide to present a vintage timepieces and jewellery showcase?

Marco Carniello: It is indeed a new market for Vicenzaoro and it represents an expansion of our Boutique Show experience.

With VO VINTAGE, IEG focuses on a growing segment that increases its customers’ business opportunities by integrating vintage watches and jewellery with the jewellery manufacturing chain represented by the Vicenzoro communities: a trade show and content setting unlike any other.

Q. What is your view about the outlook for the vintage watches and jewellery market globally in the coming years?

Marco Carniello: This is a fast-growing market. In recent years there has been a great focus on the selection and search for something unique. Instead of choosing commercial products and known brands that are easy to find, even by mouse-click, consumers are looking for something exclusive and special, to find something distinctive and absolutely personal.

Vicenzaoro’s VO VINTAGE to reflect growing market segment

Marco Carniello

Q. You invited vintage watches collector Sandro Fratini to present some of his pieces at VICENZAORO January. How will his participation enhance the visitor experience at VO VINTAGE?

Marco Carniello: Sandro Fratini is one of the world’s greatest watch collectors and his presence represents an important appointment within the event. Sandro is also a synonym of great appeal for all watch enthusiasts and collectors. He will be the protagonist of a conversation that will take place in the setting of VO VINTAGE. But he will not be the only one: the talk will also see the participation of many other well-known names in the sector – from private collectors to managers of major watch brands, including contemporary ones, to representatives of auction houses.

Q. Overall, what will be the “value added” of VO VINTAGE at VICENZAORO, and do you expect it to become a regular feature at future editions of the show?

Marco Carniello: VO VINTAGE perfectly fulfills the offer of Vicenzaoro, already highly appreciated internationally, and will help to expand the categories of visitors and buyers at the fair. We expect it to become a regular and unmissable event.

The Watch Room on contemporary watches, a Vicenzaoro September project that is becoming increasingly popular and valuable for jewellers all over the world in search of interesting new products for Christmas windows, will continue as well.

Vicenzaoro’s VO VINTAGE to reflect growing market segment

Sandro Fratini