WATCH WEBINAR REPLAY – Statement earrings are one key diamond jewelry trend this Holiday season


Statement earrings are an important diamond jewelry trend this holiday season, respected industry journalist Jill Newman said.

Jill Newman, NDCPresenting the Natural Diamond Council’s Holiday 2020 diamond jewelry trends in a Jewellery Outlook webinar, Jill singled out statement earrings, adding that they can range from extraordinary examples of chic, tasteful elegance at the top end of the market to more affordable pieces using fabulous designs with lots of openwork.


A preponderance of Zoom business calls during the pandemic had helped to popularise statement earrings, Jill said.

“Nothing lights up the face like diamonds do,” she said.

Jill also spoke of a growing appetite for organic diamonds and included “imperfect” stones at accessible price points, noting that such diamonds were increasingly popular in men’s jewelry.

Salt-and-pepper diamonds, and brown, cognac and black diamonds were more in demand.

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