W.E. Watts of Derby joins Houlden Group


W.E. Watts of Derby joins Houlden Group

March 2013 – The Houlden Group has welcomed new member, W.E. Watts (Jewellers) Ltd of Derby.
W.E.Watts (Jewellers) Ltd has been a family business since 1858 when the founder, William Edward Watts, sold pocket watches to the sailors in Bristol.
Even today the jeweller receives emails and telephone calls from people as far away as Canada saying they own W.E. Watts pocket watches!
W.E. Watts of Derby joins Houlden Group

“Our continued success is owed to our long heritage of offering experience and high levels of traditional service to our clients, combined with keeping up to date with current trends and technology,” said Glyn Smoothy, Director.
“There have been a lot of changes in Derby and with the opening of the new shopping centre this has really helped to bring more consumers to the area.”
Like many independent jewelers, W.E. Watts has been active in developing the brand as well as offering new and exciting designs to complement their high end watches and jewellery ranges.
W.E. Watts of Derby joins Houlden Group
On joining the Houlden Group, Smoothy said, “We have respected the work of the Group for some time and now feel we are in a position to add something as well as benefiting from the wide range of suppliers and opportunities to network with its members.”
Stuart Laing, CEO of Houlden, said, “We invited Glyn to our recent Houlden meeting in London and were delighted when they agreed to join after experiencing at first hand all the benefits that being a member brings.
“I am sure they will enjoy meeting and sharing ideas with other Houlden members.”


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