WEBINAR – Ashiish V Patil: Film Maker shares five pillars of Compelling Stories for Brands


Ashiish V Patil

In a candid conversation with industry consultant Anil Prabhakar, film maker Ashiish Patil revealed the principles of telling and selling stories for brand building.

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The five pillars of storytelling according to Ashiish are:

# Me: Need for new and improved me.

# Need for constant entertainment.

# Need for speed.

#  Need for constant connection.

#  Need to find purpose.

The new age consumer in the digital age tends to be self-centred.

Brands therefore need to devise communications that appeal to this consumer.

In a rapidly changing world, a consumer needs to be engaged continuously.

The key for success is to identify a specific niche and engage with consumers on an ongoing basis.

A ”one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t work.

A brand needs to take the lifetime value of the consumer and reach out to him through lifestyle associations.

The new age consumer has a short attention span.

A brand therefore needs to make a connection with the target audience instantaneously.

Advertising is becoming shorter and crisper.

The anthology of four short films, Pyaar Actually was made for the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) to appeal to young consumers with a short attention span.

Consumers’ requirement for instant gratification has resulted in the phenomenon of binge-watching.

While we are talking about social distancing today, a consumer dreads emotional distancing.

He needs to be in constant contact with his friends and peers.