WEBINAR – Blogger Preeta Agarwal urges designers to seek inspiration from brands, not copy them


Preeta AgarwalIndia-based blogger Preeta Agarwal, speaking in a Jewellery Outlook webinar to hundreds of viewers, urged designers to take inspiration from jewellery brands — but not to copy them, and to use the lockdown as an opportunity to express their own creativity.

“While we study other brands, make sure that this is a reference — not plagiarism,” Preeta said in her webinar entitled “LOCKED IN BUT NOT KNOCKED DOWN”.

“Do not copy!

“Do things that are out of the box.”

She urged designers to fashion their jewellery creations to meet evolving design trends and local market requirements.

Preeta outlined a series of ideas for designers to consider as they unleash their creative inspiration during the lockdown.

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She said the containment period will one day be looked back upon as an important era of creative activity.

“Every day I have received images from people showing how they have used their time at home,” she said.

“I don’t think we will ever again get such a time in our lives.”

Preeta appealed to jewellery designers to create occasional “statement pieces” to attract press interest, fend off competition and highlight their skills.

She also urged people to take a fresh approach to their social media.

“Create content for your social media from old and new jewellery together,” she said.

Preeta predicted that after the lockdown, there will be a burst of purchases of less expensive items to give the purchaser a “feel good” boost, while demand for heavy, or costlier, jewellery would pick up more slowly as many people had lost money during the containment period.

“There will be a lot of impulse purchases (after the lockdown),” she said.

Preeta urged designers to do more research into new materials and manufacturing techniques, and to experiment with gemstones and colour combinations.

She also advised her audience to strengthen their customer relationship management, using cutting-edge software.

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