WEBINAR – Covid-19 accelerates jewellery design forecasts – TRENDVISION


Covid-19 has speeded up jewellery design trends linked to activism, digitization and spirituality, TRENDVISION Creative Director Paola De Luca said.

She was speaking in a TRENDVISION webinar on May 25 about the Trend Book 2021+, part of a series of webinars being rolled out by Vicenzaoro before the September 2020 edition of the fair.

TRENDVISION is the forecasting lab of Vicenzaoro, part of Italian Exhibition Group (IEG.)

The TRENDBOOK 2021+ was presented at last September’s Vicenzaoro, before the coronavirus emergency.

Expressing activism through art, and digitized spirituality are major sub-themes of jewellery design forecasts for 2021+, De Luca said.

“The trends identified as ‘Artivism’ and ‘Digital Dharma’ have accelerated due to Covid-19,” Paola told an audience averaging some 250-260 attendees concurrently from around the world, including China.

Paola gave her presentation with Helen Mao, a senior China-based jewellery specialist, who outlined design directions for the Chinese market. Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough was host.

The webinar was presented in partnership with Harper’s Bazaar China and the Jewelry Museum of Shenzhen.

The next TRENDVISION webinar will take place on June 8, giving a preview of the Trend Book 2022+, which will incorporate the impact of Covid-19 on the creative processes of jewellery design.WEBINAR – Covid-19 accelerates jewellery design forecasts – TRENDVISION