WEBINAR – Customer service key as jewellers regroup in response to coronavirus


WEBINAR – Customer service key as jewellers regroup in response to coronavirus

By David Brough

March 24, 2020 – Delivering exemplary customer service will be at the heart of rebuilding and rebranding jewellery businesses around the world in response to coronavirus, consultant Helen Dimmick said in a Jewellery Outlook webinar.

Link to Webinar replay: Outlook with Helen Dimmick

Addressing ways for the jewellery industry to tackle the lockdown and move forward as businesses, Helen, a former retailer and former interim business leader of the Company of Master Jewellers (CMJ), a buying group, said delivering an authentic, demonstratively different, customer-focused identity was crucial.

Helen’s message was part of a media-driven digital effort to support the global jewellery industry, with Jeweller Outlook in the vanguard.

In the first of a series of webinars on Jewellery Outlook, this taster session celebrated the need to make bold business decisions in the face of adversity triggered by the pandemic.

As jewellery stores are shuttered, how to positively utilise what feels like a new surplus of time, will be at the forefront of jewellers’ minds.

“Isolation should not spell the end of innovation,” Helen said.

“Virtual and digital technologies can facilitate collective communications and opportunities to ‘think out of the box’ in addressing the fundamental changes ahead, in preparation for a return of footfall to the high street amidst a potential burst of pent-up demand.”

Helen addressed an audience of almost 200 people from the global jewellery trade in the Jewellery Outlook webinar, presenting a UK branding case study to encourage dialogue and innovation, ideas and hope, as many retailers switch immediately from an in-store to an online drive.

“Crucially this is just the beginning. The platform has sought and received feedback to direct future content strategically,” Helen said.

Jewellery Outlook will be staging more webinars on specific themes relating to the industry’s response to the coronavirus pandemic in the coming weeks from Helen and other industry leaders.

Here is a link to the recorded webinar: