WEBINAR – Indian actor Pakkhi Guptaa talks about her jewellery buying choices


Pakkhi GuptaaIndian actor Pakkhi Guptaa, who has appeared in HotStar film productions Special OPS (2020) and Selection Day (2018), spoke to jewellery consultant Anil Prabhakar about her mindset as a Millennial and Gen-Z consumer in buying jewellery.

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Like most Millennials, friends’ opinions are very important to her. Sharing pictures before making a final purchase is typical.

When it comes to buying clothes, the look, touch and feel of jewellery and accessories are very important.  A visit to the store is mandatory for Pakkhi. She has never purchased clothes or jewellery online.

Internet is a medium to discover new products and study trends.

Pakkhi considers the diamond as her “best friend”. Being her birthstone, it occupies a special place in her heart and her jewellery collection.  Buying a diamond ring would be her first choice within a limited budget.

Millennials’ affinity towards brands was reinforced in the webinar. Pakkhi bought a Tiffany ring from her first paycheck.

She had aspired to buy a Tiffany ring since she was 12. Tiffany was not even available in India then.

The desire was created in her mind as Tiffany was frequently a topic of discussion in her home.

Buying the product of her choice gave her a sense of achievement and fulfilment.

She reiterated that her engagement ring would also be from the same brand.

Amrapali was another favourite brand of her choice.

Being treated well by a knowledgeable store manager and being able to choose from a wide array of designs add the experiential elements during a store visit.

Millennials consider jewellery as an accessory. Their primary motive is to look good. Cosmetics and clothes are on top of their priority shopping list

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