WATCH WEBINAR – Natural Diamond Council to drive desirability of diamonds


By David Brough

The Natural Diamond Council (NDC), formerly known as the Diamond Producers Association, will drive the desirability of diamonds, says CEO David Kellie.

“Our mission is to drive the desirability of diamonds, particularly natural diamonds,” David said in a webinar conversation with Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough. (Watch the webinar via this link:

“Our primary objective is to talk to consumers.”

The miner-backed NDC launched on June 1 with the aim of boosting the marketing of natural diamond jewellery around the world, in competition with other luxuries such as fashion accessories, travel and tourism, and smart phones.

Tthe focus of the organisation will be to drive desirability of diamonds in the medium to longer term, by reaching out to consumers via a combination of editorial, education, advertising and social media, David said.

The NDC has repositioned its message to “Only Natural Diamonds”, to drive home the unique and enduring qualities of natural diamonds.

“It is to celebrate the value of diamonds, and particularly natural diamonds, that are unique,” added David, who has a long experience in the luxury goods industry, having previously worked for Watches of Switzerland and Ralph Lauren.

While the near-term outlook for diamond jewellery sales was “incredibly challenging” due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the medium to longer term prospects are extremely constructive due to the enduring emotional appeal of diamonds.

“We are very optimistic about the long term,” David said.

“Diamonds and diamond jewellery are a wonderful product. There will be a much greater respect for all things natural. ”

Consumers will demand the highest standards in terms of the sustainability of the diamond jewellery supply chain, David said, reinforcing the message of groups like the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).

The NDC will need to communicate with consumers every day of the year via a publishing strategy on the key diamond narratives, David said.

“We should be a highly visible, highly viewed digital platform,” he said.

The content of the NDC’s website is divided into pillars such as “Epic Diamonds”, “Style and Innovation”, “Hollywood & Pop Culture”, and education, including the 4 Cs.

A priority of the NDC will be to “up its game” in the digital platforms, having done so well in brick-and-mortar sales in the past, David said.

“We have found the webinars and Zoom calls to be effective platforms.”Natural Diamond Council