WEBINAR REPLAY – Beautiful, rare fine jewels can reassure collectors as a store of value in uncertain times



Indian auction house Saffronart stages its online Fine Jewels auction on October 28-29, 2020. Please click here to see the replay of a Jewellery Outlook webinar previewing the auction:

Minal VaziraniThe Saffronart fine jewels online auction on October 28-29, offers jewellery that highlights India’s design and craftsmanship heritage but also contemporary innovation in jewels, says Minal Vazirani, co-founder of the auction house.

Collectors may take comfort in the knowledge that rare fine jewels can serve as a store of value as well as providing enjoyment through their beauty.

“Some of the pieces reflect a grand history of jewels from India but the collection as a whole has been curated to reflect the current environment and a shift in collecting and acquiring jewels during this pandemic:  smaller pieces that may be worn and enjoyed but are no less spectacular,” Minal said.

This year’s collection is a purposeful departure from the significant marquis jewels that are usually meant for large events such as weddings or the festival season – simply because these have been curtailed.

“2020 has been a time for introspection for many, a time to re-evaluate how we view the world and the aesthetics that have come to define us,” Minal said.



“In keeping with this viewpoint, we have collected a very wide range of pieces, some with important provenance, some from important periods, and some that tell a story – but all that have value.

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Jewellery collecting and adornment is an inherent part of Indian culture, during festivals, events, weddings, and even symbolic in everyday life — however, without those gatherings, jewellery is being purchased to wear in more personal ways.

“The flip side of this is that we are also seeing purchases of pieces as a store of long-term wealth as clients follow the flight to quality during times of uncertainty -– leading to a distinct shift towards quality,” Minal says.