With HOMI Outdoor Home & Dehors Comes A New Exhibition Project Dedicated To Decorating The Home And Its Outdoor Space


With HOMI Outdoor Home & Dehors Comes A New Exhibition Project Dedicated To Decorating The Home And Its Outdoor Space

From 13 – 16 September at fieramilano, the first edition of a lifestyle event with a focus on outdoor space.

HOMI OUTDOOR Home & Dehors is the new exhibition project by Fiera Milano, coming to fieramilano (Rho) for the first time this September, an event entirely dedicated to furniture, accessories and decor, scenarios for living, for experiencing all the freedom of the domestic environment and its outdoor space.

The event, set to take place once a year in September, will therefore represent a wide range of products that combine design, functionality and research, anticipating sector trends, in synergy and continuity with what the HOMI Lifestyles Exhibition has always proposed in its autumn edition. It will represent a diversified platform to add value to a continuously growing market, characterised by increasingly specialised distribution channels and points of sale.

HOMI OUTDOOR Home & Dehors

Open-air spaces around the home are increasingly the focus of our attention. Houses with a terrace or garden are the most sought-after on the property market, those small “oases” proving to be a favourite place in which to spend our free time or welcome friends. And it is thanks to these open-air spaces that a house becomes complete, even taking on a new dimension. New solutions – objects and accessories that rewrite the difference between “inside” and “outside” living space, often obscuring that distinction completely, towards a new dimension of living.


You don’t need the hanging gardens of Babylon in order to make your outdoor space a pleasant and versatile place. Even the smallest terrace can respond to your every need. A hammock for example, strung between the balcony and the outside wall and easily packable when not in use, can replace a deck chair or chaise longue and offer similar elegance.  Shelving, whether wooden or metal, can be used to house a vertical garden, with small pots of climbing plants or aromatic herbs that cling to the structure itself.

A balcony or terrace is a multifunctional space, so an accessory or furniture element placed in its centre, or in the most usable part of the space, can give these areas a precise application.

HOMI OUTDOOR Home & Dehors

Colours are particular important when designing an outdoor space. The chosen colour scheme can say a lot about our balcony or terrace, with neutral colours inspiring minimalism and elegant modernity, while a bright palette, of South-American influence for example, can make for a fun outdoor space. Lastly, artificial light is also important in outdoor spaces. It can even rebalance shady areas during daylight hours, creating particular effects, and is of course fundamental during the evening hours.


Here below is a brief list of essential items for our outdoor spaces. Alongside specifically designed accessories, there is a progressive contamination of genres and uses that even sees indoor items decorating open-air spaces in an entertaining and original way. Here is a brief round-up of accessories, including those for exclusive outdoor use as well as more general elements that are essential in an outdoor space.

Technique, patience, quality food and a latest-generation barbecue are the key to conquering this “hospitality specialism” that is sure to make any social gathering a unique occasion.


Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, they can decorate chairs or replace them completely in a charming bivouac for your dearest friends and are indispensable when it comes to giving an outdoor space character and personality. Untreated fabrics are best as they are more resistant and better suited to the outdoors, as well as being fashionable. Choose whether to coordinate with matching cushions or play with variety.


If the table is the cornerstone of our space, the tablecloth becomes the light that illuminates it. The variety of possible prints and colours is practically endless, but our choice can be guided by the kind of character we want to give our space. More balanced? Go for solid colours or minimalist prints. More fun-loving? Choose large prints with floral motifs or those inspired by nature in general.


The undisputed king of outdoor living. The star of so many enjoyable and sociable moments with friends, it landed in Italy only a few years ago as a symbol of spending time in company. It has added that extra something, previously only seen in American films, to the historic tradition of the cook-out: the satisfaction of being the perfect host, a DJ of taste in front of that special ‘console’, able to mix intense and wide-ranging flavours.

HOMI OUTDOOR Home & Dehors


Whether stem or globe, there are a variety of classic and contemporary shapes to choose from. Light sources play a starring role during summer evenings and create atmosphere in our outdoor environment. The choice is vast and also depends on the style we are looking to inject into the space.


They may seem superfluous in an outdoor context but perfumes contribute to creating atmosphere, combining the scents of essences with those of the surrounding environment, for a bouquet that stands out from the standard citronella used to keep mosquitoes at bay during the summer season.

The mood: be daring

Create a mix by blending styles and cultures: this is the approach that emerges . If an open-air space can in fact take on multiple personalities, the ability to create one that cannot be classified and stands out as being unique and original is to be admired.
Then first edition of HOMI Outdoor will only prove this, demonstrating how the home already begins outside the home.  Operators can visit the HOMI Outdoor – Home & Dehors show at Fiera Milano from 13 to 16 September 2019. More details at www.homimilano.com/en