World Diamond Mark Foundation signs MoU with Borsa Istanbul


World Diamond Mark Foundation signs MoU with Borsa Istanbul

ANTWERP, June 17, 2014 – The World Diamond Mark® Foundation (WDMF) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Borsa ?stanbul of Turkey to implement the programmes of the World Diamond Mark in Turkey.
World Diamond Mark Foundation signs MoU with Borsa Istanbul

Mr. Alex Popov, Chairman of the World Diamond Mark signing a MOU
with Dr. Ibrahim Turhan from Borsa Istanbul

The MoU was signed by WDMF Chairman Alex Popov and by Dr. Ibrahim M. Turhan, Chairman and CEO of Borsa ?stanbul.
Borsa ?stanbul is one of the 28 bourses worldwide affiliated to the WFDB.
The signing ceremony, held during and on occasion of the 36th World Diamond Congress in Antwerp, followed many months of negotiations and preparations between the two organizations and marks the start of the World Diamond Mark (WDM) launch in Turkey.
“With the Borsa ?stanbul as a partner, the World Diamond Mark will gain strong, internal support for reaching out to key organisations and retailers in Turkey,” Popov said.
“In practical terms, it means that the WDM’s first pilot programme for accredited retail members, i.e. Authorized Diamond Dealers (ADDs) will begin in Turkey, one of the most exciting, and rapidly growing luxury product consumer markets.”
“We’re very honored to cement this relationship with the WDMF here in Antwerp, during this top networking event of the international diamond industry and trade,” Dr. Turhan said.
“The planning of our joint promotional activities will start with a possible roll out in late 2014/early 2015. Therefore, this MoU is significant step toward the proliferation of the WDM programmes in Turkey.
“Borsa ?stanbul and WDMF both seek to sustain and improve consumer confidence for diamond and diamond jewellery worldwide.
We look forward to advance WDMF’s main objective, i.e. to accredit retailers and multiply the sales in diamond markets.”


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