FURA Marketing Council debuts at AGTA GemFair and JCK Las Vegas Show


This year’s jewelry trade shows in Las Vegas will be the official debut of the new FURA Marketing Council, www.FMCgems.com.  The Council is sponsored by FURA Gems, the only miner of all three precious colored gemstones, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. FURA Gems is unifying the traditionally fragmented gemstone business by coordinating marketing, training and messaging to increase the size of the overall colored gemstone market.

The AGTA and JCK shows, in booths AGTA #428 and JCK #15039, will be the first time the fine jewelry trade can meet with the FURA Marketing Council (FMC) team in person, learn about the Council and see a selection of rough and polished Parti Sapphire along with the 6 other colors of sapphires FURA mines in Australia. Also, on display will be FURA’s emeralds from Colombia and rubies from Mozambique.

“Through the innovative FURA Marketing Council, we will grow sales of emerald, ruby and sapphire at every level of the trade,” said Dev Shetty, FURA President and CEO. “Jewelry retailers and manufacturers and gemstone cutters and dealers need coordinated support to increase overall consumer demand. We know the council can do that.”

Dev Shetty 

Dev Shetty 

The FURA Marketing Council (FMC) goal is to transform the gemstone market by connecting and supporting the supply chain for colored gemstones from rough to retail. By harnessing the combined power of a major mining company with cutters to retailers, the colored gemstone market can have explosive growth while promoting responsibly mined gems.

“We look forward to meeting with companies at AGTA and JCK that want to be a part of transforming the color market,” said Liz Chatelain, FMC President and owner of MVI Marketing, who added, “The features we built into the Council are based on trade and consumer research we conducted. We found that 93% of jewelry consumers love/like colored gemstone jewelry and 60% want to see more in jewelry stores. The Council was formed to help make that happen.”

Liz Chatelain

Liz Chatelain

Retailers, manufacturers and dealers are welcome to become members of FMC at www.FMCgems.com.

Membership support includes promotion funds, expansive sales training, and layers of marketing assets for all levels of the industry. Also, included in the membership is consulting support from the FMC managing group.

FMC was developed and is managed by MVI Marketing, who brought the trade the Indo Argyle Diamond Council and consumer brand Champagne Diamonds and is the largest consumer research company that specializes in the gem, jewelry and watch industries.