INTERVIEW – Milina London offers array of precious artisan jewellery featuring high-quality natural materials


Milina London offers a wide variety of precious artisan jewellery crafted in high-quality natural materials, supporting traditional craftsmanship and the development of skills in future generations, Milina Lunavat tells Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough.

What type of jewellery does Milina London offer?

Milina London specialises in contemporary, handmade artisan jewellery in sterling silver and gold. We aim to create jewellery which is an affordable luxury, yet handmade with natural materials.

We also offer a dedicated gemstone collection and we source only the highest quality, natural materials, from natural gemstones to freshwater pearls. More recently, we have added a fine jewellery range and a men’s collection which currently includes bracelets and cufflinks.

Milina London

Where is the jewellery handcrafted?

We are proud to work with many talented artisans from India, Mexico and the UK.

Our artisans typically learn their skills at a young age from parents or other family members, perfect them with years of making jewellery, and then pass the traditional jewellery-making methods onto future generations.

While supporting this global network of artisans, we feel that we also encourage their children to learn the skills, inspiring them to continue the traditions and craftsmanship. The artisans we work with take great pride in their work and give their utmost to every piece they make.

Milina London

Who designs your pieces? How do you work with other designers and skilled artisans?

I have a passion for designing jewellery that stems from my childhood, growing up in India. Jewellery is more than just an accessory for my family, it is a piece of art passed down through the generations.

I design many of our pieces, as well as designing for clients through our dedicated bespoke service. I also work collaboratively with skilled artisans and small cooperatives in the UK, Mexico and India, handpicking the best designs from their collections for our wonderful customers.

Do you take on bespoke commissions? For what types of jewellery?

Absolutely – we take on all types of bespoke commissions and can tailor the jewellery to our client’s exact requirements. Common commissions include wedding rings, engagement rings and special necklaces or bracelets for a significant birthday or other event.

We create with precious metals such as sterling silver, gold or platinum, and can source precious gemstones including diamonds, emeralds and sapphires to make your piece.

Another popular service we offer is the recreation of old pieces of jewellery or the setting of gemstones. For a recent bespoke piece, for example, a client brought in an old emerald and diamond ring that she wanted to modernise to make it more wearable.

She specifically wanted a rub-over setting for the ring, so we created a classic ring with the emerald and two diamonds and also created a beautiful necklace with the remaining diamond so that she had a set. She was involved in every stage of the decision process and approved all the designs before the pieces were made.

Milina London

Is this a growing segment of your business?

Yes – we are keen to further grow the bespoke side of our businesses as we understand that customers often want something very special and specific that they can’t find elsewhere – so they can simply have it created by us instead!

We really enjoy the personal aspect of jewellery and think this is encapsulated perfectly by a bespoke service where the customer chooses exactly what they want. Or, indeed, you can have a personalised gift created for a loved one to truly show them that you care.

Milina London

Where can customers find Milina London jewellery?

Customers can find our full range of jewellery on our website and we also regularly have pop-up shops, as well as appearing at fairs, so they can keep their eyes peeled on our Instagram and Facebook pages for more information! Currently we have a pop up at 6 Thayer Street, Marylebone, London.

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