INHORGENTA MUNICH honors French designer


INHORGENTA MUNICH honors French designer

June 2012 – At the International Jewellery Festival in Legnica, Poland, INHORGENTA MUNICH honored the French jewelry designer Frédéric Braham with a special INHORGENTA MUNICH prize.
The artist, who lives in Antibes and Amsterdam, received the award for his ‘Bonbons tres bons’ brooches on the subject of rituals.
Braham will receive free participation at INHORGENTA MUNICH 2013, where he will present his current work in the hall for Contemporary Design.
INHORGENTA MUNICH honors French designer

For the third time, INHORGENTA MUNICH has honored an artist at the International Jewellery Festival in Legnica, Poland.
This international Festival, which for 30 years has been dealing with contemporary jewelry and art objects in silver, is organized by the Gallery of Art in Legnica and is a respected international meeting point for young, creative jewelry designers and contemporary artists from all over the world.
“France is and remains one of the pathbreaking nations with regard to design and trends not only in fashion but in jewelry too. We are all the more pleased that together with our partners in Legnica, we have found this French artist who will be exhibiting his work at INHORGENTA MUNICH in the coming year.” says Tobias Gröber, Head of Business Unit for Consumer Goods Fairs at Messe München International.
With Hall C2 on the subject of Contemporary Design, INHORGENTA MUNICH operates an area specifically dedicated to jewelry and silver by modern designers and manufacturers.
International Jewellery Competition in Legnica

Every year since 1979, a design competition has been organized in connection with the Legnica Jewellery Festival.
This competition, which is held in high esteem among artists in Europe, honors works which address a current and generally societal subject and which come up to a high artistic as well as technical standard. The idea and feeling of the artistic statement are also considered in assessing the pieces of jewelry.
The subject of the 2012 competition was ‘Rituals’, i.e. the actual present and future importance of jewelry to people in contrast with what advertising campaigns like to convey.
“Frédéric Braham’s interpretation of the subject together with the innovative design and the mix of materials – silver, high-grade steel and polyurethane paint or rather coating – that’s what convinced us”, as Tobias Gröber explains the decision of the Munich jury.
Frédéric Braham describes his pieces of jewelry as ‘sweets’: without them, people find it very difficult to cope with modern life.
These are ‘bonbons’ in the form of tablets which – taken in a regular ritual – make life sweet and give people the necessary strength and zest in everyday life.
About Frédéric Braham
Frédéric Braham is an artist who lives and works in Antibes and Amsterdam.
His work focuses on contemporary art and contemporary jewelry and explores current subjects.
His art deals with real products and objects – but also with images, references and forms of behavior which he consciously selects, analyzes, organizes and encodes anew as cultural objects.


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